Woo Woo is actually more like WOO HOO!

Woo Woo is actually more like WOO HOO!

I know energy healing and all things spiritual often get labelled with the term ‘WOO WOO’. I hear it a lot, and there is definitely a bit of a negative connotation to it. I totally get it, some of the tools and techniques can definitely sound a bit ‘out there’. No one knows this more than me. When I started to study energy healing, I went to my first association dinner and I was the only one there, man or woman, not wearing some sort of crystal jewellery or cheesecloth clothing. I questioned whether or not I was going to fit into this new world of ‘woo woo’. But what I discovered was that you get to pick what you like and what you don’t like.

‘Woo woo’ is actually more like ‘Woo HOO’ when you find the right tools for you. It’s like you have a kit full of tools at your disposal whenever you need them. Your life seems easier, you seem calmer and are more confident and courageous in pursuing your dreams. Now that is much more ‘WOO HOO’ than ‘Woo Woo’ to me.

If the thought of meditating in silence for hours at a time sounds like the worst idea ever. No problem. Maybe chakra dance and movement are more your bliss.

Don’t think you’ll be speaking to the angels anytime soon. No problem, maybe tuning in to your own intuition would be best for you.

Love crystals. Great. Get yourself some awesome crystals.

It really is about what is right for you.

The more you embrace what ‘woo woo’ feels right for you, the more that your life begins to unfold in wonderful and often mysterious ways. And that is when life becomes more like a fun and exciting ride. Now that to me, is definitely WOO HOO!

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