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Do you want to connect to and feel more confident with your body as you try to have a baby?

Do you want to overcome the blocks that are stopping you from falling pregnant?

Want to overcome your personal blocks (even if you don’t know what they are) so that you can feel free, relaxed and move along your path to success with joy and ease?

Need to get unstuck instantly without having to dig up your childhood dirt or talking about your ‘issues’ for hours?

Want to let go of fear, doubt, worry and negative patterns that hold you back and keep you from having the loving relationship you crave and deserve?

Need to release any past hurt, trauma and drama that’s still draining you — and making you feel lonely, unworthy and insecure for no reason?

Want to experience a deeper level of love in your current relationships or attract the partner of your dreams so that you don’t have to feel lonely ever again?

Need to feel confident and calm, peaceful and powerful, knowing that you ARE good enough, worthy of achieving your dreams and that you deserve to enjoy the pleasures of life to the fullest?

No matter how successful you are, there’s always something missing and you know that there has to be more to life — even if you can’t put your finger on what exactly it is.

You’re stuck, desperately wanting to move forward, to thrive and evolve both in your career and your relationships but you just don’t know what to do or where to start.

You end up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious and disconnected.

Being the successful, ambitious driven woman that you are, you’re probably used to figuring out things out on your own. You probably look like you have it all together on the outside and others admire your success, which makes it harder for you to share the truth about how you really feel.

And that’s where I come in.

I am Melissa and I ‘m here to radically improve all areas of your life through my energy healing work-no crystals, incense sticks or chanting under the moonlight necessary.

I’m here to tell you that YOU deserve a life you absolutely love.

It is possible for you to have everything you want even if your current circumstances might not indicate that. You can have the success, the money and the relationships that you dream of.

You don’t have to settle for anything less! In fact, I can get you unstuck, back on track and out of your draining place in just one session.


“I am literally blown away, I have never had a session of energy healing before I met Melissa. I was skeptical at first, It blows my mind to think this level of healing took place over Skype and in just one session but it really happened. I had been trying to fall pregnant for over a year and was seeing doctors and naturopaths etc. I was giving up hope of ever having a baby. I knew I needed to try something and I just felt at ease with Melissa straight away. I am so happy to say that I fell pregnant the following month and now have a beautiful little daughter. Words can not describe how grateful I am that Melissa introduced me to energy healing”


Let’s think of your energy as a car you’ve been driving — and it’s become muddy and dirty along your way.

Is your car as beautiful, fast, safe and efficient when it’s all muddy?

No. It can feel like you are bogged down, like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere or you can’t even see the road ahead.

It can take a lot of pain, sweat and tears to clean it all by yourself………

but NOT if you go to a professional carwash that has the tools to clean, scrub and polish your car until it looks, smells and feels better than ever before and in a fraction of the time.

Let me do the same with your energy!

All you need to do is just sit back and be willing to receive while I wash away the energetic mud that’s been keeping you stuck, unhappy and frustrated. You’ll come out of our session feeling calm, grounded, relaxed and fully immersed in love (aka high vibration healing energy).


“You put me at ease immediately by answering my questions & with your beautiful soothing voice.

I am unsure how you did it by Skype but, frankly I do not care.

I loved working with you & felt calm, light, warm – hugged actually & trusted you through the session.

Thank you as even though I did not know what I needed, you did. I encourage others to try energy healing & I am still feeling wonderful clarity from our session.”

~ Sharon,


You don’t need to read a pile of self-help books, spend $5,000 on “life-changing“ seminars or meditate in a tent for the next 3 weeks to overcome your blocks and immerse yourself in love.

There is a fast and painless way for you to get unstuck, heal your emotions and attract the exact things you want into your life.

All it takes is one hour on Skype or in person with me.

Here’s exactly how your personal healing session works:

In person sessions take place in my therapy room in Wollongong, Australia.

Or you can enjoy an energy healing session in the comfort of your own home over Skype.

Same great results I promise.

Sessions generally take place in Biz hours AEST but times for after hours and Saturdays are available if needed.

Ready to book a session now~ GREAT! Woo hoo! Let’s clear the energetic mud pronto!

Session is only $229 AUD.

Click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button below, follow the prompts and you’ll hear from me normally within 48 hours to book a time for your session.

I look forward to meeting you.


Still need more information? No worries. Check out the FAQ’s over HERE.

OR send me your question through the contact page HERE.

As soon as we’ve successfully booked your session, you’ll receive a pre-session pdf via email. I’ll explain everything you need to know about the session and how exactly it will go.

Next we meet on Skype (or in person) at the time you selected and spend one hour together.

Enjoy healing, loving energy and perfect relaxation — tailored to your specific needs at the time.

You’ll come out of the session feeling unstuck, clear and centred, fully immersed in the energy of love.

You’ll receive a post-session self-care pdf immediately after our session. So that you know how to get the best results and what you need to do to take care of your beautiful self after your healing session.

I’ll also provide a follow up email a few days after your session to check in on how you are going.

I want you to know that you and your energy are important to me.

Your investment to create lasting change in your life? Only $229 AUD.


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